Thoughts are like Ninjas.

Not all thoughts, but the nasty recurrent ones are.

[BTW, 80-90% of our thoughts are recurrent (research says so!)].

And so they’re like Ninjas: dressed in total black, they sneak in our head with acrobatic moves. They get in there unnoticed and do their whispering mission. Then they leave.

And we never know they were there. And what they whispered.

We have very loyal ninjas, visiting our head every day. Many visits each day.

Their intentions are good, but many have been visiting us for so many years they’re stuck in the past. They haven’t been informed that we now don’t need that kind of protection anymore.

Typical ninja-thoughts are:

 – You’re not good at doing this.
 – People will think you’re a loser.
 – Don’t even start, you’ll fail.
 – You’re boring.
 – Everybody is better than you.
 – You’re behind: schedule your day, schedule it again. You’re missing pieces.

The best way to update ninja-thoughts is to get to know what’s their mission (AKA what the hell they whisper once inside our head).

It’s like sneaking in your head unannounced, jumping in front of them with an unexpected acrobatic move and say: Hello you! Finally I see you, I wanted to say hello!

This is the moment of justice: you discover if they’re whispering the truth, or only an old protective lie of it.
And finally you can let the lying-ninja-thoughts go.

How to do that? 3 steps:

  1. Close the eyes and place your attention on your breath. Notice the inflows and outflows.
  2. When the mind wanders (it will!), notice what are the thoughts it’s following in that moment.
  3. Take a mental note, and let them go.

If you meditate on thoughts for a few days, you’ll start noticing patterns. Each pattern is a Ninja-thought.

To a life to enjoy,



PS: I looked up Ninjas on Wikipedia: ‘A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks.’