Your work with me has helped profoundly. It’s as you were saying, actually. A lot of the crippling negative messages just don’t come into my mind now, so I don’t even have to think about dealing with them!

– K., artist

Laura helped me to overcome self-confidence issues at work. Through her kind guidance, I was able to connect with the origin of my blocks and successfully move towards a healthier perspective. I could see the benefits almost immediately. Thank you Laura! Your help had huge impact on my life. 

– Alejandra

I went to see Laura due to anxiety issues that I started to experience with a new job. My life was miserable at that point. I couldn’t sleep well and many of my fears were coming to the surface making me anxious from the moment I woke up and throughout the day. I was desperate to find something to give me some relief. I met Laura at an event and when I heard her explain her service I knew that she might be able to help me. After the first consultation with her, I saw a great improvement in my anxiety level. After the second consultation, my anxiety levels almost disappeared. I cannot explain how and why, but the techniques that Laura taught me via hypnosis to deal with these issues have been a life saver. What I really liked about Laura’s practice is that she took the time to really understand what my issues were and she adjusted her methods accordingly. She is clearly very good at what she is doing and very passionate about how the mind works. 


I reached out to Laura as I had decided to unblock two inhibitors which I have had since my childhood: fear of water and fear of height.
From my very first contact with Laura, I was convinced she would be the right person. I explained what I wanted to achieve through our sessions and the deadline I had in mind.
After 2 sessions my life has literally changed! I could stand on a stool to change a bulb, swim with my sons and enjoy the family time instead of focusing on the depth… I could climb open stairs without freaking out!
In June I had the BEST experience ever on a sailing boat! I was thrilled and ecstatic by so many positive emotions, some new sensations like being sprayed by marine breeze as the trimaran reached 15-20 knots… All enjoyable because I could be in the moment rather than held back by my now-gone fears.
I then visited the US National Parks with my family: I was so happy to be able to fully enjoy the breath-taking views in Grand Canyon… No need to hold my usually sweaty hand or for me to worry about the cliffs. I wore an enormous smile every time I looked at the spectacular lookouts.
I have managed to reclaim my life with hypnotherapy and thanks to Laura’s approach and personal style. Massive thanks for what you allowed me to do, Laura: I owe you so much!!

 – Marie Anne

Laura is a great listener, she asks the right questions to understand the issues and completely adapts the sessions to your needs. She has been a great support for me, helping me to deal with anxiety and phobias related to a recent diagnosis. I am now coping and managing things a lot better, thanks to her technique, patience and confidence it was going to get better.

 – S.

Laura in an excellent hypnotherapist; I endorse her approach fully. I’ve benefited greatly from the four hypnosis sessions with her in which my issue which had upset me for over ten years was resolved to my complete satisfaction under Laura’s guidance and expertise.

– Jack, 45 Tv News Journalist for BBC News

Hi Laura,

I got the opportunity to “test” my new found bravery last night. I was presenting at an Awards […] and I’m usually quite nervous about public speaking but I practiced the calm finger thumb touch and I was very calm both just before and during. 
I’m very grateful!
– Anonymous

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to say many thanks for your help!

Not only did I enjoy a lot our sessions but also you helped me reach and explore the deep end of my unconscious mind. Something that everyone should be doing at least once in their lifetime. I realised today on my way to the clinic that our session was the highlight of a very stressful week. I entered with a very confused mind and I left feeling lighter than a feather. You have such an amazing power!

– Ainoha

Laura is an amazing human being as well as an incredible hypnotherapist. She is kind-hearted and compassionate, and very easy to connect with. Her passion for what she does comes across in everything she says and does, which is a pleasure to see.

When I asked Laura for help I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but I instinctively knew I could fully trust her. To start with, she helped me understand what hypnotherapy really is and clarified any doubts and misconceptions I had about it. 

The hypnotherapy sessions I had with Laura were truly transformational and they had a profound effect on the way I feel about myself and others. I feel I now have more confidence, more self-love and more self-respect, which in turns has an effect on how I feel and behave towards the people around me. 

I will be forever grateful for the help Laura provided me with and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented and trustworthy hypnotherapist to resolve any issues they might have deep inside.

– Sarah F.

I went to Laura for help as my anxiety levels had become truly debilitating. Laura welcomed me into a warm, non-judgemental and nurturing environment. My experience in just two sessions was extremely powerful. Laura guided me to a level of relaxation I had never reached before, to a blissful state of pure imagination. I also felt a huge emotional release. Something had definitely been resolved. 

I find it hard to do justice with words to how positive and powerful Laura’s sessions were. As each day goes by, I am more grateful to Laura as I notice in everyday tasks how she enabled me to let go of the fear that was fuelling my anxiety.


Words can not describe how grateful I am to you! All that’s been holding me back tight from becoming who I can be/able to be, to fulfil my true potential, a life time of self sabotage, you have helped me release in 4 sessions! You are magical. Your warmth, expert skills and your incredible ability to make one feel at ease and go so deep so fast make you an incredibly precious hypnotherapist!

Thank you! Immensely Grateful!


After Laura’s session I felt empowered as I have understood that I can choose how to act in my life, no matter what life brings me and no matter how others behave towards me. She explained clearly how the brain is programmed to work and how we can practice this muscle to operate in a positive and aware fashion. The tools she taught me have become part of my daily routine and whenever I apply them I feel confident and fulfilled. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to be in control of their actions, to be present in what they do without fears that hold them back.

-Clara B.

After 32 years you have helped make my dreams come true!!

I have not smoked or even thought about smoking since our last session. Thank you dear Laura from the bottom of my heart! 


It’s now the second time that I’ve participated in Laura’s course (the first one was Hypnobirthing). And I must say it’s again delight and revelation to me. Act vs React is just an amazing course where every minor detail has been so carefully thought through by Laura. It felt like a beautiful story that was unveiling in front of us and telling us that it’s possible to be calm, be the best version of yourself and act accordingly rather than react with anger and frustration to big and small things in our everyday lives. Now I do believe it’s possible and I even have my personal plan that I’m working on to transform what I’ve learnt into a good habit. I’m grateful I have met Laura and had pleasure of learning from her and I would strongly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become better and feel proud of themselves.

-Marina G.

I attended the Act vs React course in September 2019 and found the course has helped me very much. Participating to it was a very deep experience. If I close my eyes to look for an image that represents this path, a mirror comes to my mind. A mirror that reflects both my abilities and limiting beliefs, a mirror that inevitably encourages me to work on myself with consistency and awareness.
Laura was really amazing in guiding me through this experience and I really recommend her approachable teaching.


After only a few sessions with Laura, my horrible morning sickness was gone, I was feeling well, able to drink and eat and feel positive about my pregnancy! I couldn’t be more thankful to Laura for the gift she made me!

-Elisa, founder of Barre & Baby, London

I had a few sessions with Laura recently and found them really helpful. She has a very caring, calm, kind and positive manner and explains the principles of hypnotherapy and the theory behind it really well. The sessions unlocked something for me and have equipped me with tools to apply in difficult situations going forward. I will definitely contact Laura again for future sessions when I am facing obstacles in life!

-Philippa J.

I asked Laura to help me because I had an appointment with my dentist for a tooth extraction. I was very scared of the dentist and she helped me relax and resolve my problem so much that I was able to attend that visit alone, on my own. She also gave me a recording I listened to (from my mobile, with my headset on) during the extraction, which made a massive difference, helping me as if she was sitting right next to me, guiding me into a more relaxed state. I can’t thank her enough!


I’ve attended Laura’s Act vs React course and it was powerful! In only 3 sessions she managed to take us into a journey of getting to know our mind, starting from scientifically explaining how the mind works, to guiding us on how we can become “friend” to it.
I started to accept things of me that I criticised a lot before, but mainly I started to notice old patterns arising, and therefore I became better prepared on how to choose to react to them.
I keep practicing on a daily basis the powerful tools that Laura gave us during the course, and I can feel the benefits not only on my mind, but in my relationships, job and spirit!
The course is thoroughly prepared, Laura is welcoming and warm, and extremely passionate on supporting us on this journey of change! I highly recommend her!


Hi Laura,

I have to say I feel so ‘light’ … like I’m

A beacon … and my creative energy is buzzing ..



Laura is an absolutely amazing hypnotherapist – thanks to her, I had a very very quick (2-and-half-a-hour Labour two years ago. Also I recently attended to her mindfulness class and it was very well-thought/-planned and also I got a lot of support from her outside the class. Strongly recommend.

-Naoko I.

I had attended Laura’s Act V’s react course recently. For someone who knew very little about mindfulness and hypnotherapy, this course has opened my eyes to a very new experience, completely different to what I anticipated. It was a very pleasant and calming experience and this is because Laura is exactly that. She is an amazing person to be around and not at all intimidating. I am now putting into practice on a daily basis everything she has taught me and I find myself a much calmer person. Thank you Laura.

-Lorraine A.