Unlock the freedom to do the things you always wanted to, but never thought you could.

Imagine feeling less anxious and actually enjoying life. Your life.
Speaking in public with confidence, without going blank or worrying about what others think of you.
Looking down a skyscraper and enjoying the view. Actually enjoying the holiday.
Not sabotaging your best efforts to eat healthily. Feeling good to be yourself.
Imagine doing that thing that at the moment no matter how much you tell yourself you can do, you can’t get to actually do.

If no matter how hard you wish it, you haven't been able to do it up until now, then you're in the right place. I'm here to help.

I use hypnotherapy, mindfulness, self-compassion, NLP coaching and other tools.
I can help you if you think you’re not good enough.
If you can’t do certain things and you wish you could.

Hi, I’m Laura,

a hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher and a mindset coach. A mind lover. I’m fascinated by the human mind: how it works and its potential.

I am dedicated to helping you stop struggling feeling not adequate – to feel in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours – so that you can start enjoy life. Every situation is worth living, and you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. You just don’t know it yet.

I believe we all have the power to overcome self-imposed limitations and challenges. Accepting this is the first step; the next is to allow me to help you, and to become the version of yourself you want.

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Ready to stop feeling not good enough? 

“I went to see Laura due to anxiety issues that I started to experience with a new job. My life was miserable at that point. I couldn’t sleep well and many of my fears were coming to the surface making me anxious from the moment I woke up and throughout the day. […] After the first consultation with her, I saw a great improvement in my anxiety level. After the second consultation, my anxiety levels almost disappeared. I cannot explain how and why, but the techniques that Laura taught me via hypnosis to deal with these issues have been a life saver. […]”

Alina, London

“I do not know if that was the mindfulness meditation or the hypnotherapy or the combination of both but Laura has changed my life.”

L., London

Want to stop sabotaging yourself?

Discover exactly what’s holding you back
and visualise what’s possible for you without your inner critic, using my unique Hypno-Meditation system.

(Hint: it may not be what you think!)