9:30 in the morning. My steps feeling heavier the closer I get to the office.

I push the door open and I feel shrinking.
I sit at my desk, switch on my computer and I feel numb.
12 o’clock, I finally get out to buy some lunch, I breath now but feel useless. When at 7 I get home I just want to disappear behind My Good Wife.

This was 12 years ago. I was self sabotaging myself that I couldn’t change, and so staying in that job for so long.

Fast forward to now: I walk with lightness when heading to see a client who’s self-sabotaging herself and thinking she’s not good enough. I feel joy when she’s finally free from this, when she can do what she’s able to.
I smile and feel fulfilled after each meditation class I teach.

I’m here to help those who struggle with:
I can’t change
I’m not good enough
I can’t speak in public
I can’t climb so high
I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t.

Have you ever self-sabotaged yourself, << Test First Name >>? What helped you overcome it?

What helped me? Meditation!

Around that time I discovered Headspace. And learned what it’s all this fuss about the PRESENT.

Then I had to deal with a miscarriage, and found solace in a 6 weeks Mindfulness Meditation course in Westbourne Park rd.

Years later I took my first Mindfulness Meditation teacher training. Followed but another one. And more studies around this PRESENT.

It’s been transformational.

Like giving birth to my daughter lead me to teach HypnoBirthing to help mums & babies to birth as they deserve, I now feel I NEED to spread the message that meditation can help you enjoy life.
It can help you stop self-sabotaging your efforts to change.

To a life to enjoy,