I’m going to make myself a Matcha latte‘. 

I open the kitchen cabinet above my head. Balancing on the tips of my toes, I almost reach the small Matcha powder jar.
I feel it with the tips of my fingers. I have it now… and then I lose the grip and while I try to catch it in mid air, I see that dark and round jar falling down… down… down… CRACK…

‘Ca**o!’… Italian nice word for damn!!!

That little thing felt exactly at the left corner of the induction hob to crack it… and while I was watching in disbelief, the crack was growing longer. And longer.

This was April of this exciting 2020. 
Our chances of cooking were gone. Completely gone.

If you have forgotten what was life then, we couldn’t go out. All restaurants were shut. Food shopping was hard. 
And the main solace was eating. 

My inner cinema started showing me vivid movies of months and months of COLD dishes, salads over salads… 
Then it become no-hot-coffee-anymore, no-spaghetti-with-pesto, no-warm-dhal-with-coconut-oil. 
Then this started becoming a horror movie: all food in the fridge thrown in the bin. A super infectious engineer spreading germs like powder sugar on a cake while walking inside my house to repair the hob. And the three of us starving.

And then I heard my inner voice say:

Oh well. That’s it. There’s worse in life! 
We’ll buy a camping hob. It may be fun.

Luckily our friend lent us his professional electric hob. 
For over a month we could only cook on one pot at a time. No big deal. It made me creative somehow.

It’s moments like this that I realise how much meditation helps me.

I could have stayed in my inner cinema for many hours.
Luckily I came out of it quickly.

Want to learn how to come out of your inner cinema before it starts playing a horror movie? 
Out of it before you believe that horror movie and make it real life?

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To a life to enjoy,