I’m looking outside the windows, and it’s dark, left and right. We’re moving in total darkness, with the only exception of the car lights.

Then suddenly, at the end of the road far in the distance, we see lights.
My friend is driving, and we feel excited. I’m in my 20s and we’re getting to Las Vegas.

Travelling through the desert in the night and suddenly seeing lights and life is always an experience.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I often remind my clients that seeing me for therapy is like going to Las Vegas. 

I don’t intend to induce anyone into gambling, just to be clear! [Gambling is an addiction, and if anything I help getting away from addictions!].

What I say is that when they see me for therapy, they’re like in Las Vegas:

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
And so, what happens during the session, remains in the session.

Everything that is shared remains with me. And me only. 

For many people the beginning of the year means having the excuse to start fresh.
It’s time to change.
To progress.
To get rid of self-sabotaging habits.

If you’re thinking about therapy but worry that what you’ll be revealing can become public, know that every therapist is bounded by this Las-Vegas-confidentiality.

With lockdown being a reality again for many of us, Las-Vegas-Therapy Sessions are still on offer via Zoom. You don’t need to travel to see a therapist, you can even choose a therapist that actually lives in Las Vegas if that reassures you.

My first email of 2021 to you is about this: don’t wait to become who you want to be.

Whether you chose to have therapy, exercise more, begin journalling, start a gratitude practice, meditate daily or eat healthily, start now. Your life is only at the present moment.

And we can see lights after some darkness, just like travelling through the desert during the night and getting to Vegas. Change is possible.

To a life to enjoy,

PS: I always find it ironic that while I help moving away from self-sabotaging habits, I talk about Las Vegas, that represents perdition and gambling. But there are nice things in Las Vegas apart from the gambling industry! Do you know Las Vegas? Do you have any nice things to share about it? Will you reply to this email and let me know?