How’s your A&E coming along?

[Have no clue of what I’m talking about? Before you keep reading, click here to read about the A of your personal A&E].

Is the “A” shaping up? 

Have you tried to acknowledge and accept that you feel sad, when you do?
Or just impatient (‘when are the tips on “E” going to be shared? are we done with these questions’ )?

Just remember this: acceptance is non-denial. Not denying how you feel.

After learning about acceptance, it’s time for some action. 
It’s time for the “E” of your personal A&E.

Do you wish to feel better? GOOD! 
“E” is all about making wise efforts to change.

A few ideas:

When you wake up, get ready for the day as if you’ll be meeting your boss, the colleague you fancy or your always-so-cool-&-stylish friend.

  • Put your earrings on.
  • That for-special-occasion-only watch you keep in the drawer. 
  • Lipstick. 
  • Perfume. 
  • Or after shave. 

WARNING: this means dressing well also from the waist down! 

  • no leggings. 
  • no truck trousers.
  • definitely no pyjamas.

Set a short (yes, SHORT) ritual. Choose one and set it as a priority. A  P-R-I-O-R-I-T-Y. 
Or combine.

  • Meditation for 5 min
  • Stretching for 3.
  • Dance for 10.
  • Or journal for 15.

If it’s short and simple, it happens.
If it’s long and difficult, it’ll happen only for the first 3 days.

Get out! put your coat on and get out. 

Pretend you’re commuting. Or doing the school run. 
Get out and walk around the block for 5 minutes. 
Fresh air helps.

Do it in the morning before you start working. Or while making that audio-only working call.

Move! Exercise! Even if just for 15min, do something.

It’s true: body & mind are one. 
You move that body of yours, your mind feels good. 

YOUI read about this already. Feeling depressed because of the lockdown? Do this or do that, bla bla bla.
STILL YOUIt doesn’t work. It doesn’t help. 

And you’re right, because unless you practice A, the E won’t work. 

It’s all about finding the right balance between A&E. 
Being-with-what-is-exactly-as-it-is & Making-wise-efforts-to-change-it 

Will you try to establish some A, and make some E?
I’ve set my A&E and it’s helping me. I wish it’ll help you too.

To a life to enjoy,