How do you feel about 2020?

While chopping a red onion for the risotto, I was listening to a recorded work event yesterday:

2020, worst year ever. Only 15 days left. What do you wish for 2021? 

You’ve heard it as well, haven’t you?

It’s like if the turning from 31-Dec to 1-Jan is going to make us move from darkness to the goldest, brightest most incredible lightness. Pure fortune.
Can you really believe it? Just because the clock is moving to 00:01?

There are still 14 days of 2020 (I made risotto yesterday, hence 15 days yesterday). And we have a choice:

1. Thinking these 14 days need to pass as quickly as a thunder! 

What’s your inner cinema projecting instead of them? The 2021 fortunes?

The red dressed cinema lady smiles, while you hand her your tickets to the ‘2021 fortunes’ movie:

‘Welcome to the future! Here you forget about the present, you just pretend it’s not happening… and you’ll miss everything that occurs. You’ll be solely focusing on the future 2021 golden lightness instead’.

2. You live the present. You live the next 14 days with the same curiosity as if they were already in 2021.

There’s no cinema lady here.
What you find here, instead, is your life.

And you have the opportunity to live it (while it happens). Or, you know,… those 14 days are going to be wasted forever.

Most people are going to miss 14 days of their life. How about you?

Today I’m in your inbox to celebrate the potentially lost days, as they’re as intense and real (and potentially beautiful) as any other day. And if we promise ourselves to live them with the same curiosity of other days, we may discover something worth to be lived.

Yesterday I made this promise to myself.
The last (or lost?) days have the potential to bring good things.

Are you also making this promise to yourself? Will you let me know, if you do? Just hit reply.

To a life to enjoy,



PS: Other days that often have the same destiny of being not-lived? The last few days before a holiday. Or those before your birthday… it’s like if you’ve already turned a year older a week in advance only because you keep thinking about it.


PPS: If you’re often watching ‘The Future’ inner movie, and that movie shows you’re a failure (at speaking in public, at being calm, at doing something)… I can help! With therapy, I can help you be who you can be. Without self-sabotage anymore.

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