5-10 min a day classes to finally do something for your mental health, reduce stress and enjoy life more.

That underlying feeling of stress is not normal.

You’re busy and even if you’re a bit anxious or stressed you can still function… and perhaps you think that feeling a little overwhelmed is normal.

It’s not!

That underlying feeling of stress prevents you from really enjoying your life.  

That’s why I have created this program:

  • 5-10 min bite size classes that you can do in a month (or spread out a little longer) teaching you how to reduce stress, how to train your mind to be calm & clear. And finally you do something about your mental well-being.
  • Every class takes you to the next, in a step-by-step process. Class after class you build strategies to reduce stress and become able to return calm and enjoy more peacefulness in your life.
  • Classes can be listened to/watched on your phone while you walk your dog or go for  walk.
  • The course is yours to keep, so you can experience the classes as many times as you'd like.

You’ll be given access to one class per day – so that you have time to enjoy the learning and practice the techniques before moving on to the next one.

And if life gets in the way, you can follow at your own pace.

Laura’s classes are a joy. You will find the course very useful and it will transform the way you experience what happens in life, good or bad. Have fun and be committed!

~ Paolo

It’s now the second time I participate to a course with Laura. And I must say it’s again delight and revelation to me. […] Every minor detail has been so carefully thought through by Laura. It felt like a beautiful story that was unveiling in front of us and telling us that it’s possible to be calm, be the best version of yourself and act accordingly rather than react with anger and frustration to big and small things in our everyday lives. Now I do believe it’s possible and I even have my personal plan that I’m working on to transform what I’ve learnt into a good habit. I’m grateful I have met Laura and had pleasure of learning from her and I would strongly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become better and feel proud of themselves.

~ Marina


  I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I need to do right now, will I be able to follow?

Lessons are only a few minutes long, to allow you to enjoy them even when you're busy. You can listen to them while you walk your dog, or go out for fresh air, or even in the morning before starting the day.

The course is to help you move from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to become light. Sometimes life gets in the way, and this is why you'll be able to go through the lessons at your own pace.

The lessons are in progression: as long you finish the previous lesson before starting the next one, you can go at your own pace.

The course is about becoming able to enjoy life, the one you have. The to do list will remain, but you'll be able to approach it with inner calm and more clarity.

  When signing up, will I get access to all the lessons?

The lessons are released once a day, and they will unlock as you go through them.

  Is there a deadline to finish the program?

There is no deadline, you can go at your own pace. Once the lessons are live you can download the practices, and they'll be yours for life.

That underlying feeling of stress is not normal. 

You deserve to start enjoying life

It all starts by choosing that you can do something about that underlying feeling of stress right now. Because it’s only when you do something that things will change.

You deserve it. And it’s just a few minutes a day, not more.

When you learn quick and simple techniques to use when that underlying feeling of stress bubbles up, you can return to a state of calm right away.

When you train your mind to be calm, you finally experience clarity.

And when you’re clear you move through tasks with ease and stop dismissing the good moments in your life. Instead you start noticing them, and enjoying them.

This is about being on your own side.

Who’s available to you 24hrs a day, every day of your life? You, and only you! When equipped with the right tools, you can move to clarity and lightness whenever overwhelm arises.

YES! Sign me up

I personally cannot wait to guide you in this journey.

Photo by the talented Andreea Tufescu
(Andreea Tufescu Photography)

I created this program because I noticed how many of my clients were going through what I had experienced as well: feeling overwhelmed with stress. Especially after this pandemic.

Sometimes being stressed is good. The human ability to feel stressed is there for a reason! But when you understand that most of the times the reasons are not valid, there’s a way out.

After years of studying courses and books, and guiding my clients to feel better and overcome their self-sabotage tendencies, I wanted to make all this accessible. My dream is that learning why we go into a stressed state will help you go there only when you truly need it. My dream is that you learn how to enjoy life. My dream is that you learn how to train your brain so that you stop self-sabotaging your ability to truly enjoy life.

Because the only thing we all have, the only one, is this moment now! Let’s not waste it.

I look forward to meeting you personally, inside the ‘Reduce stress and enjoy life’!

To a life to enjoy,