How to overcome your inner obstacles and seize the opportunities you’re meant for

Learn how to stop being ruled by your own inner obstacles,  and finally be who you want to be without struggle.

Thu, 9th Nov 2023
12-1 pm GMT
13:00-14:00 CET
LIVE, on Zoom

In this masterclass you will:

 Discover how inner obstacles like fear, anxiety, addiction, or a lack of confidence and self-belief are things you can overcome, even if you never thought it possible.

You may have grown up believing that this is just who you are. This isn’t true, and I’ll show you how you can change that.

 Discover why attempting to 'push through' these obstacles can leave you feeling depleted and sceptical about your ability to change. 

Going to war against your inner obstacle is not helpful. You’re hitting the wrong target! 

 Learn to access the part of your mind where these limitations live, so you can find them, and begin to transform them.  

These powerful obstacles live in your subconscious mind and are regulated by it. That’s why your conscious (aka decision-making) part of the mind can’t fix this. The most important step to overcoming a belief, fear, limitation or addiction, is simply being able to access it and work with it. Don't miss this.

  Learn my unique, highly effective Guardian Method for identifying inner obstacles, and overcoming them comfortably, without an inner fight.  

Get ready to meet your own Guardian of Beliefs, and learn how to make him work for you.

I’ll guide you in a powerful hypno-meditation to shift your perspective and open the doors to change.  

This is when you stop feeling friction or resistance, and instead enjoy change.

Get ready for a journey of discovery.

See how you can savour the opportunities in life you’re truly meant for. 

Believe me when I say that you’re worthy of them, you just don’t know it yet. 

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I’ve been helping clients struggling with self-sabotage for years.

After feeling the liberation of overcoming my own inner obstacles, my dream is to guide as many people as possible into this very liberating feeling of finally being free to be who they want to be. From my background in hypnotherapy, NLP coaching and mindfulness I created a unique method to make your inner critic your strongest ally; instead of a combative approach, this powerful method opens peace talks that overcome obstacles at their root.

Feel the time has come to say yes to the life you want to live?

Reserve your place in this masterclass and take the first step to liberate yourself from your fears.