Be who you want to be.

Without self-sabotaging your best efforts to change.

I use hypnotherapy, mindfulness, self-compassion and other therapeutic tools.
I can help you if you struggle with self-sabotage.

Imagine feeling less anxious and actually enjoying life. Your life.
Imagine speaking in public with confidence, without going blank or blush.
Looking down a skyscraper and enjoying the view. Actually enjoying the holiday.
Not sabotaging your best efforts to eat healthily. Feeling good to be yourself.

You can become who you want to be.

If your inner dialogue doesn’t let you be who you can be, then I can help.

Get my 15min guided relaxation to feel better. It’s free!

“I do not know if that was the mindfulness meditation or the hypnotherapy or the combination of both but Laura has changed my life.”

L., London

“I went to see Laura due to anxiety issues that I started to experience with a new job. My life was miserable at that point. I couldn’t sleep well and many of my fears were coming to the surface making me anxious from the moment I woke up and throughout the day. […] After the first consultation with her, I saw a great improvement in my anxiety level. After the second consultation, my anxiety levels almost disappeared. I cannot explain how and why, but the techniques that Laura taught me via hypnosis to deal with these issues have been a life saver. […]”

Alina, London

This time is challenging and my way to help is to offer 15% off all Zoom sessions. I cannot make them for free, but I want to make them accessible as much as possible. A calmer and more grounded you, can make a difference!
Sessions are on video call, or in person in West London.

How about getting a calm mind in 15min?

To see things more clearly. To preserve your immune system. To more easily adapt to life during the pandemic.