This is a strange and delicate time.

I found myself swinging between anxiety and feeling grounded, as I think most of you did.

Being Italian, I have been speaking to friends and family who have been in lockdown already for three weeks, and I see how isolation and fear can create anxiety, but also connection and creativity.

When we are anxious, we become stressed:

  • Our physical body goes into alert, with one goal only: to survive! We are NOT meant to stay in this state for too long.
  • Our immune system weakens. This is exactly what you want to avoid!
  • Our brain is programmed NOT to concentrate (as it exclusively focuses on survival). There are parts of our brain that switch off as blood doesn’t reach them anymore. Among these parts also the hippocampus is affected, and we lose the ability to see things clearly and objectively.Ever wondered why in the mist of panic your mind goes crazy, it bombards you with heavy thoughts and you cannot see things with perspective? That’s why!

It is fundamentally important to remain grounded and cultivate a calm state of the mind.

To preserve your immune system, to be able to see things clearly and objectively, to have a calming effect on your loved ones.
What can you do? Three things:

Be self-compassionate. If you find yourself feeling anxious, you are not to blame! See if you can become your best friend, and offer comfort and understanding to yourself, rather criticism. You are a human being, and as such, you are not perfect. Celebrate your humanity! (or would you rather prefer to be a robot?)

The softness that comes from accepting that we experience pain and anxiety helps you move forward and let it go. You are looking for that softness.

Train your mind to be grounded and present. This is called meditation! Why not choosing to dedicate a few minutes of your day to train your mind to be stable and present in this moment of uncertainty? Studies confirm that a calm and steady mind helps see things with objectivity and perspective. You ‘hear’ insights from your deep self. You move through challenges without reacting to them.
BTW, meditators have bigger hippocampus (see above!).

Find ways to relax the mind and look after your body. Give space to the mind by focusing on something relaxing (and funny, why not? Very creative clips have been circulating, enjoy them!). Eat well. Sleep. Connect through video calls. Help those in need.

I have recorded a FREE* GUIDED RELAXATION** for you.

It helps calm down your nervous system and return to a default state of calm.

By practising this, your active and preoccupied mind will get that much needed rest: you’ll see things clearer and you’ll be able to support yourself and others better. A calm and clear you will have a powerful effect on those around you.

I’m here to help and to serve. Please get in touch if you think I can help you!

Love from my heart,

*If you want to make a donation for it (even just £1), I’d be very grateful! All the money will be sent on Sunday 29th to an Italian hospital to help in this very critical moment ( Please use this PayPal pool link:


**This is a guided RELAXATION, and not a meditation.
Guided meditations and a meditation course are going to be available soon. I’m working on that!

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