3 simple ways to move from STRESS to INNER CALM

I’m going to teach you how to move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and maybe tense in the body, to feeling calm and more relaxed. In 3 pick-&-choose unique ways. 

In this masterclass you'll learn:

What to do to calm down when you need to relax quickly, almost instantly

Sometimes we need to quickly restore a state of ease. And when we do, it’s like getting our power back in an instant: we’re back in charge. And those racing thoughts calm down.

3 different techniques to calm down and restore clarity

Not only 3 different techniques, but also different ways to practice them. When clarity comes back, we can see things in perspective again.

How to choose the technique that works for you, and turn it into an automatism

We’re all different, what you’d prefer to use may be not what I prefer. When you feel one of these techniques works for you, you can practice it very quickly and turn it into an automatism. It becomes your own personal antidote.

Why these techniques work, what’s the science behind them

Sometimes having faith that something can help is not enough. Understanding why your chosen technique works will leave you motivated to use it. And the more you use it, the more it works.

Overwhelm is paralysing.

The past winter was tough. Grey sky, lockdown and worries left us scarred: triggers can quickly bring back that overwhelm.

Learning what to use to restore calm is important, so that when stress arises you know what to do.

This makes you in a position of power: instead of spiralling into even more stress, you get out of it and see things with perspective again.

This masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if:

you have enough of reacting in ways you later regret, and feel it's time to learn how to be in control of your actions (chosen actions vs. reaction).

 you want to have mental clarity, rather than mental fog, so that you can 1)plan, 2)make choices, 3)enjoy life.

 you want to understand why practicing the techniques you'll learn can change your brain, so that the changes are real.

you don't have time to practice too many techniques, but you want to learn simple and effective tools that you can easily use. No overwhelm, but only simple things... that work!

A personal invitation from Laura

I’ve been helping clients struggling with self-sabotage for years.
Since the pandemic hit, more and more of us feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out.More than before we react in ways we regret, we experience mental fog and then we feel guilty for not doing enough. Our own self-sabotaging voice finds it easy now to sneak in.
Mental health is important, and so learning simple techniques that help us in those challenging moments.
I find that lists of advices in ‘How to release stress and be happy’ articles an be too generic sometimes. It’s important to choose one technique that works, and adapt it to your taste.
That’s why I created this masterclass. To make sure you learn what works for you, and make turn it into an automatism. So that you have your own personal antidote to stress!
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See you there!