How to move from STRESS to INNER CALM in 3 steps

Live masterclass

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In this masterclass you’ll learn:


   Calming techniques and identify which 3 simple practices work for you

You’ll be able to pick 1x technique for each step, selecting only those that work for you (and you only), and combine them in a short and simple ritual. And use it when you need it.
It’ll be a short and personal one.

   How to practice if you don’t have time (busy life anyone?)

No overwhelm, but only simple things… that work! That’s why SHORT and SIMPLE is the only way.

  The brain changes and adapt to how you use it

You’ll learn how to train your brain, and so your mind, to change in way that helps you. No self-sabotage anymore. 

   How to shift from mental fog…

…to mental clarity.
So you can plan and make decisions.

   How to stop reacting in ways you later regret

And instead start choosing your actions.

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Can you imagine what it would feel like to get back to a calm state whenever you notice you’re stressed out ?

To get back to a clear mind when you’ve been reacting?

Learning tools that put in charge on how you can change your brain is the most effective way to move from overwhelm to clarity.

It can be life-changing.

This masterclass is a must attend if…

   You have enough of reacting in ways you later regret, and feel it’s time to learn how to be in control of your actions (vs. reaction)

   You want to have mental clarity, rather than mental fog, so that you can:

  • plan
  • make choices
  • enjoy life

   You want to understand why practicing the techniques you’ll learn can change your brain, so that the changes are real.

   You don’t have time to practice too many techniques, but you want to learn simple and effective tools that you can easily use.

A personal invitation from Laura…

I’ve been helping hundreds of clients who struggled with self-sabotage and helped them become who they wanted to be. 

Establishing self-resources to feel good is important. Especially in this moment in time.

But there’s more: you can start training your brain to work for you, and not self-sabotaging your efforts to change.

This masterclass is the result of my experience, the books I studied, the trainings and courses I attended and my qualifications. But is also the result of the courses I taught, and the feedback I got from my incredible clients.

I’m here to help. This is for you!