The step-by-step masterclass to identify what blocks you to be who you want to be and to turn these blockages into personal positive affirmations, that work.

Do you believe you’re not good enough?
Do you believe that you’ll never be interesting, or successful or able to perform like others?
Do you worry you’ll never become who you want to be?

These are stories you believe about yourself, and you can learn how to create affirmations that will help you overcome them and become who you want to be.

If you’ve tried affirmations in the past, but you got tired of repeating these non-sense sentences every day, you’re in the right place!

Affirmations work only when they’re true to us. That’s why it’s important to create your own.

By the end of the masterclass, you will:


  • Be aware about what are the limiting stories about yourself that are keeping you stack
  • Have created affirmations that are based on them
  • Used the correct language for the affirmations, the only one spoken by your subconscious mind
  • Know what to do with them
  • On your way to become the version of yourself you can be

Get the Create Affirmations That Work MASTERCLASS



40min video which covers

  • Why we think we're not good enough
  • Guided self-hypnosis to identify the main stories we believe true about ourselves
  • Step-by-step guided journey to create your own affirmations
  • How to use your newly create affirmations
  • 1x worksheet to use to create the affirmations