This is the difference!

Do you sometimes feel your head spinning your thoughts like a washing machine?  Is stress taking over and you feel overwhelmed?

Have you ever reacted on your anger or impatience, said something you did not mean to, or did something you later regretted?

This course can be for you!


Combining mindfulness meditationself-hypnosis and neuroscience, I developed this course with Londoners in mind.
We live a very high paced life, often multitasking and most of the time reacting and behaving in autopilot.

It’s time to dedicate time to re-train yourself and establish new automatic ways that help! It’s time to be in control.

When you are in control, you are the best version of yourself.

Think of the time spent in the course as an urban retreat, during which you feel peaceful and recharge your battery while you learn how to feel more in control.

It’s now the second time that I’ve participated in Laura’s course (the first one was Hypnobirthing). And I must say it’s again delight and revelation to me. Act vs React is just an amazing course where every minor detail has been so carefully thought through by Laura. It felt like a beautiful story that was unveiling in front of us and telling us that it’s possible to be calm, be the best version of yourself and act accordingly rather than react with anger and frustration to big and small things in our everyday lives. Now I do believe it’s possible and I even have my personal plan that I’m working on to transform what I’ve learnt into a good habit. I’m grateful I have met Laura and had pleasure of learning from her and I would strongly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become better and feel proud of themselves.
~ Marina


What stress is.

What can trigger it.

What effect it has on our physical body, on our mind, on our emotional state.

What to do: learn stress release techniques that work in an instant.

The mind.

How the mind works. Where is the autopilot in it.

Why we often act in autopilot, unable to stick to our resolutions.

The brain and its plasticity.

Nothing is fixed! Our brain is able to change and in fact changes all the time.
Imagine learning how to create change that helps, by creating new pathways in your brain that become your new automatic ways to respond to situations.

~ Instead of reacting with anxiety, you can teach yourself to automatically use your breath to calm down and see situations more clearly.

What meditation is. Why it can help. How to meditate.

What it means being present, why it is important, how to do it.

Different meditation methods (yes, focusing on your breath is not the only way!). You’ll identify what works for you. Everyone can meditate! … and 5 min a day can be enough.

Meditation is powerful and when combined with self-hypnosis it becomes a powerful tool for change.

How to create unique affirmations, only true to you.

This is why they will work.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for self-transformation, but it is important to create your own, or they won’t resonate with you and your subconscious mind won’t accept them.

How to put everything together in a simple, actionable plan.

First, you’ll be able to meditate.

Then, you’ll be able to personalise your daily meditation practice with all that you have learned (your own affirmations, self-hypnosis, gratitude) to use the plasticity of your brain and create change for yourself!

A simple plan. Easy to practice. That fits your Londoner schedule.


  • Five guided meditation audio files to practice between sessions and when the course ends. They’ll be yours for life.
  • Workbook, which includes a meditation/gratitude/self-motivation journal to record activities and progresses.
  • A simple action plan.
  • A personalised guided meditation (audio file) to use after the course for self-practice, recorded by Laura for you.
    This will keep your motivation high and will sediment the new pathways. The meditation will include affirmations and insights that you’ll create during the course, allowing your own words and ideas to reach your inner mind and promote change.