How to let go of stress, stop feeling overwhelmed and finally enjoying life. In 5 weeks.

Whether you…

  • … love life, but end up not really enjoying what you have. Your long to-do-list makes you feel paralysed and unable to think. You dream to flow through tasks with mental clarity.
  • … have the best intentions to be calm, but sometimes end up reacting on your anger or impatience, saying things you don’t mean to or do something you later regret. It feels like you get hijacked and lose your ability to see things with clarity.
  • …want to be in control of your actions, your decisions, of how you behave without losing perspective. But often your thoughts spin like if inside a washing machine.

You’re in the right place! The From Overwhelm to Lightness program gives you the understanding why your brain behaves like it does, the tools to transform it and the inspiration to become your best version of yourself.

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Know why you feel paralysed or frozen when overwhelmed, and how to get out of that state
  • Know why your attention naturally ruminate on your ‘I wish I didn’t do that” mistakes, losing the ability to have clarity, and how to overcome this.
  • Learn to enjoy the ‘little’ moments of life, without fearing they’ll pass too quickly
  • Learn to be kind to yourself and accept who you are, so that you can start achieving what you want
  • Learn what being in the present moment is so important and how to become mindful
  • Feel light and clear, ready to move flawlessly through tasks
It’s now the second time I participate to a course with Laura. And I must say it’s again delight and revelation to me. […] Every minor detail has been so carefully thought through by Laura. It felt like a beautiful story that was unveiling in front of us and telling us that it’s possible to be calm, be the best version of yourself and act accordingly rather than react with anger and frustration to big and small things in our everyday lives. Now I do believe it’s possible and I even have my personal plan that I’m working on to transform what I’ve learnt into a good habit. I’m grateful I have met Laura and had pleasure of learning from her and I would strongly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become better and feel proud of themselves.
~ Marina

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Participating to the Act vs React course was certainly a very deep experience. If I close my eyes to look for an image that represents this path, a mirror comes to my mind. A mirror that reflects both my abilities and limiting beliefs, a mirror that inevitably encourages me to work on myself with consistency and awareness.

~ Agnese

(who participated to the Act vs React course, a previous version of the From Overwhelm to Lightness )

I had attended Laura’s Act V’s react course recently. For someone who knew very little about mindfulness and hypnotherapy, this course has opened my eyes to a very new experience, completely different to what I anticipated. It was a very pleasant and calming experience and this is because Laura is exactly that. She is an amazing person to be around and not at all intimidating. I am now putting into practice on a daily basis everything she has taught me and I find myself a much calmer person. Thank you Laura.

~ Lorraine

(who participated to the Act vs React course, a previous version of the From Overwhelm to Lightness )

I started to accept things of me that I criticised a lot before, but mainly I started to notice old patterns arising, and therefore I became better prepared on how to choose to react to them. I keep practicing on a daily basis the powerful tools that Laura gave us during the course, and I can feel the benefits not only on my mind, but in my relationships, job and spirit! The course is thoroughly prepared, Laura is welcoming and warm, and extremely passionate on supporting us on this journey of change! I highly recommend her!

~ Elisa

(who participated to the Act vs React course, a previous version of the From Overwhelm to Lightness )

Laura’s classes are a joy. You will find the course very useful and it will transform the way you experience what happens in life, good or bad. Have fun and be committed!

~ Paolo

(who participated to the Act vs React course, a previous version of the From Overwhelm to Lightness)

What's inside

Module 01

Physiology of a stressful state

  • How the subconscious mind uses a different language to the conscious mind
  • What happens in the body when we’re stressed.
  • What happens in the brain
  • How to release fear
  • 2x Guided self-hypnosis

Module 02 Negative Bias

  • Why we’re actracted to negativity
  • Our three brains
  • Why positivity helps
  • How to practice gratitude in the proper way
  • 1x guided practice to be grateful

Module 03 Don’t blame yourself for keeping stressed

  • Why we want to be perfect
  • How to improve self-confidence via kindness
  • How self-kindness can trigger productivity and success
  • 2x recorded practice to train your mind to be kind to yourself

Module 01 Meditation

  • What MM is and is not
  • How to meditate for a only a few min every day
  • 2x guided meditation practice

Module 05 Plan

  • Let’s be practical: how much time do you have
  • How to practice the techniques and when

From Overwhelm To Lightness course


  • 5 implementing modules showing you what is bringing you down and how you can bring yourself up to lightness
  • A complete plan showing you what technqies to practice, when and how
  • Xx Worksheet to brainstorm and progress into lightness and clarity
  • Xx meditation practices to feel better
  • -xx guided self-hypnosis to use when you you feel overwhelmed
  • Xxx
You’ll be given access to one module per week (?), so that you have time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion before moving on to the next one. Sessions build up.   In this way you can have time to implement without feeling overwhelmed. Only 30 minutes a day to dedicate to the videos and practices. If life gets in the way, you can follow at your own pace.

Plus these bonuses to help you keep up the momentum:

Bonus 01

6 weeks of LIVE weekly sessions with Laura on Zoom. Guided practices and space for discussion. Session recorded (24hrs).

During each LIVE, Laura will guide you live through the practices you’d been studying, answer questions, motivate you! Sessions will be recorded and available for the duration of the course.

Value £550


Affirmations – How to create personal and true affirmations to help you advance into lightness and stay.

Affirmations are great, but it’s important that they’re personal and true to you. In this bonus I’ll explain how to write affirmations:

  • firstly identifying what are your limiting belief
  • then crafting the perfect affirmations using the correct language for your subconscious mind
  • lastly, when and how to use them ( How to record them. How to overcome the limit of judging your own voice. How to speak: tempo and rhythm. Etc. )

Value £90

Bonus 03

How to provide the right nutrition for the brain (OR movement)?

The brain needs to be fed correctly. With the help of nutritionist xx, this is what you can do.

Value £125

Bonus 04

Movements for the body – how to keep the body (how easy it is to move more & feel better, even during long hours at the screen! She combines the power of music & movement, from the basic of posture and alignment, through body stretches, position adjustments, and fun experiments.)

Value 125


  I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I need to do right now, will I be able to follow?

the course is to help you move from feeling overwhelmed to become light. Howver sometimes life gets in the way, and thi sis why you'll be ablet to go through the modules at your pace. The course is about becoming able to enjoy life, the one you have. The to do list will remain, but you'll be able to approach it with the lighntess of clarity.

  When signing up, will I get access to all the modules?

The modules are released once a week. This is estimating you’ll spend a total of 2 hours each week working on the modules. This is around 30min a day.

  I have a very busy life, will I be able to fit the daily practices in?

If life is busy, you can follow the modules at your own pace. Once you receive them, they’re yours for xx!

  If I have questions, will Laura be available to answer?

There’ll be LIVE calls each week, during which you can ask questions. If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions, you can submit your questions clicking here and Laura will answer them during the LIVE sessions, which will be recorded and available for 6months.

You had enough of feeling paralised by stress

You know you can achieve so much more, but this overwhelming feeling doesn’t let you. And it’s uncomfortable

Imagine instead to feel light. To have the mental clarity to enjoy life, the life you have. This is when your planning for the future becomes clearer. This is when instead of saying ‘I’ve got no time’, or dismissing the good moments in your life, you start noticing them, and enjoy them. This is about enjoying life fully, and truly

I personally cannot wait to guide you in this journey.

I created this course because I noticed how many of my clients were going through what I had experienced as well: feeling overwhelmed with stress.

Sometimes being stressed is good. The human ability to feel stressed is there for a reason! But when you understand that most of the times the reasons are not valid, there’s a way out.

After years of studying courses and books, and guiding my clients to feel better and overcome their self-sabotage tendencies, I wanted to make all this accessible. My dream is that learning why we go into a stressed state will help you go there only when you truly needed it. My dream is that you learn how to enjoy life. My dream is that you learn how to train your brain so that you stop self-sabotaging your ability to truly enjoy life.

Because what we all have, and the only thing we all have, is this moment now! Let’s not waste it.

I look forward to meeting you personally, inside the ‘From overwhelm to lightness course’!

To a life to enjoy,