Have you had enough of feeling stuck or not seeing a way out of how you react?

Do you feel anxious, stressed or unable to do something you want to do, or be who you want to be?

When despite your efforts to change nothing really changes, the temptation is to think: ‘I’ll be stuck in this version of myself forever. I’ll never find a way out of this version of me‘.

But that’s not true.

The brain changes, and so the mind. You can change, you just need to remove unconscious blocks and establish an effective way to work with your mind, and this is what working with me is all about.

However, before you consider 1:1 therapy as a solution, here are some things I’d like you to know:

  • Committing to change means committing to a journey, and not just hoping for a magic pill.
  • Therapy is self-work and it only works when you feel ready to work on yourself and commit to it.
  • To create long lasting results and transformation you need to commit to a number of sessions.

If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes, we can do this together in two ways:

The Evolution journey

If you want to break through your blocks and be at ease with your life, Evolution is the right journey for you.

Whether you feel not good enough at doing something, you want to work on your confidence, the thought to speak in front of people makes you agitated or you notice you often end up criticising yourself, the Evolution journey is for you. 

The journey will help you find the root cause of why you feel like this, and shift it. This means finding alignment between your conscious decision to change with your subconscious. Only when they are aligned transformation is possible and is sustainable.

You’ll learn tools that you can use when the uncomfortable feeling arises, and establish a new response to the situations that normally trigger you. You’ll also train your mind to a new useful mindset, and learn how replacing that constant self-criticising with a more productive kindness will make you confident and at peace.

Ultimately you’ll learn to savour your life. The one you have. 

Because life is for living.

Here is how it works:

We book 12 weekly sessions over a period of 12 to 16 weeks. We book a weekly slot so that it’s easier for you to plan the time for it. Each sessions is 1hr long. We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll guide you on how to correctly set up yourself for the sessions. The investment is £947. Payment plans available.

Book a free Zoom consultation call and let’s check if are a fit.

The SOS solution

4 powerful sessions

If you have an immediate block that you need to overcome, the SOS sessions are for you.

Perhaps you:

  • need to be comfortable with heights because of an approaching holiday in NY
  • wish to feel at ease speaking in front of a group of people because you have an interview, an important meeting or wedding
  • are nervous about your driving test and you’re taking driving lessons
  • or any other similar scenarios in which you feel something is blocking you

This solution is ideal to work on a specific issue, and just that.

Here is how it works

We book 4 weekly sessions within 4 weeks. Each session is 1hr long, but if necessary can occasionally extend to 75min. We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll guide you on how to correctly set up yourself for the sessions. Payment plans available. The investment is £495.

Book SOS for you and choose the day for your first session. We’ll then choose the day/time of the subsequent sessions together.