Ever feel like that despite your best efforts, nothing is really changing?

Find yourself thinking: “I’ll be stuck in this version of myself forever. I’ll never find a way out of this version of me. I wish I could just silence the self-doubts and do what I can do” ?

I know exactly how frustrating that can be.

But know that everything that the inner critic is telling you, is just not true.

Going to war with your inner critic is not the right strategy

It only makes the self-doubting thoughts grow even stronger. That’s why you may feel stuck, held back or trapped feeling self-conscious.

The good news is, there’s an easier, and more effective way

After years of working with clients who struggle with self-doubting thoughts, fears and bad habits​​, I have noticed how destructive our natural tendency to go to war with them is. I became convinced it was necessary to find a way to initiate inner peace talks instead, that would finally lead to a lasting resolution and completely change the game.

Using tools from the world of hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, I’ve developed a unique system that frees my clients to really believe in themselves and successfully do what they’ve always dreamed of, without self-doubts standing in the way.

And this kind of freedom is possible for you too.

If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes, we can do this together:

The Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles Solution

This is for you if you had enough of self-sabotaging your efforts to do the things you want or be who (deep down) you know you can be. 

So that you can move from feeling held back by your constant thoughts of not being adequate enough, to finding ease in grabbing opportunities and being yourself.

My Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles Solution method guides you to find the reason why your inner critic believes you’re not enough, and to transform those stories into a version that is aligned with who you want to be. The process is transformative. Your inner voice will become your best ally in your ability to grab opportunities and finally be who you can be. And you’ll finally be able to truly enjoy the moments of your life, with the flow of ease. 

How it works

Step 1

Click to fill the Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles questionnaire

You share your situation, your goals, and what you’re struggling with. It’s a chance to brainstorm and better understand what is that you want to change.

Step 2

I’ll personally review your information to determine whether this solution is a fit.

You’ll hear from me within 48 hours to confirm your invitation to enrol or to receive recommendations on what would be a better solution for you.

Step 3

Use the Self Doubts Solution method to unlock the future you really want.

When you book the Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles Solution, you get:

  • 1:1 sessions – so you get a completely tailored experience and my undivided attention. We’re all different and I believe a personal approach is fundamental.
  • 5 sessions over around 5 weeks – so we work at your pace and there’s no pressure to solve everything in one session. Each time we work from a different angle to release what holds you back.
  • All our sessions are on Zoom  – this means that all sessions are live and you can have them at home (or at work even) without having to travel. I’ll tell you exactly how to position your computer and create a dedicated space.
  • Unique guided hypno-meditations, recorded exclusively for you to use between sessions – so that every day you transform the way you feel about yourself. The practice will make you skilled in using the right tools for each situation in the future.
  • Tools and exercises – so that you’ll have a number of tools under your belt to use in the future.

The investment is £545 (€620). Payment plans available.

Click to fill the Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles questionnaire

Before you consider 1:1 sessions with me as a solution, here are some FAQs: 

Yes, you can!

If you feel you’d like to chat with me before signing up, you’ll be able to book a video call with me. It is important to you feel completely on board, and to have all your questions answered. The rapport between you and me is of paramount importance, and it needs to feel right.

Filling out the questionnaire will help you better understand what is that you’d like to change. I then take the time to thoroughly review each questionnaire, as it is important for me to be sure I can help you. If other methods or practices would suit your problem better, I’ll let you know.

Yes, it absolutely does. I have been working with my clients on Zoom for many years. If you have a room where you can close the door behind and not be distracted, the sessions will be very powerful and you won’t need to travel anywhere.
I’ll guide you on how to correctly set yourself and the screen up for the sessions.

Each session is 1hr long, with the first slightly longer (up to 90min). We’ll reserve a weekly slot so that it’s easier for you to plan the time for it.