Ever feel like despite your best efforts, nothing is really changing?

Find yourself thinking: “I’ll be stuck in this version of myself forever. I’ll never find a way out of this version of me. I wish I could just silence the self-doubts and do what I can do”?

I know exactly how frustrating that can be.

But know that everything that the inner critic is telling you, is just not true.

Forcing change is not the right strategy

It only makes the self-doubting thoughts grow even stronger. That’s why you may feel stuck, held back or trapped feeling self-conscious. 

The good strategy is working with the self-doubting thoughts

And not against them.

That’s when change happens.

After years of working with clients who struggled with self-doubting thoughts, ​​I have developed a unique system for helping them deal with their own inner critic, so that they can really believe in themselves and do the ‘things’ that they want to do. 

Because – frankly – they can really do them, if they stop getting in your own way. 

If you’re ready to make real and lasting changes, we can do this together:

The Confidence Journey

This journey is for you if you feel you need to become more self-confident so that you can do the ‘things’ you want to do, without battling with self-doubting thoughts anymore. 

The 5 sessions are based on my unique system for dealing with your inner critic, because at the moment he is ruining your life. I’ll guide you to find the root cause of your beliefs and reboot the stories you say to yourself, so that your inner voice will become your best ally in your ability to do everything you want to do. And you’ll finally be able to really enjoy your life. 

How it works

We book 5 weekly sessions. 

We reserve a weekly slot so that it’s easier for you to plan the time for it. Each session is 1hr long, with the first slightly longer (up to 90min). 

We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll guide you on how to correctly set up yourself for the sessions. 

There might be some practice to do between sessions, with personalised recordings or worksheets to help you strengthen what we work on during the sessions.


The investment is £545 (€620). Payment plans available.

How to book

If you’re interested in working with me, the first step is to click here and fill out the enquiry questionnaire. I personally review every questionnaire I receive.

I’ll email you back and let you know if I think this program is the right fit for you and if I can help you (or suggest you what to do instead).

You’ll be able to follow up with any questions. If you’ll prefer to chat with me, you’ll be able to book a consultation call to do so.

YES! I want to enquire to work with Laura

Before you consider 1:1 sessions with me as a solution,

here are some things I’d like you to know:

  • Committing to change means committing to a journey, and not just hoping for a magic pill.
  • Therapy is self-work and it works when you choose to work on yourself and commit to it. 
  • To create long-lasting results and transformation you need to commit to a number of sessions.